Accredited to Train OSH 22 days program

Accredited Institution of Occupational Safety and Health Officer in Malaysia

On July 9, 2020, SMART College had received one of the most prestigious award and accreditation by Department of Safety and Health Malaysia under Ministry of Human Resources. CEO of SMART College, Mr Anand Pon and Director of Non-Academic, Mr Alexander David Pon attended the award ceremony as representatives to receive the award for SMART College.

Proudly to say that, SMART College had been acknowledge as one out of nine institutions that received the certificate of recognition as the training centre for Health and Occupational Safety Officers in Malaysia. In addition, our Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health becomes DOSH approved program.

The recognition was awarded by the Minister of Human Resources, Datuk Seri M. Saravanan Murugan. It had been a pleasure to receive the award from Datuk Seri and the Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia.

With this award, it showed that SMART College have a very good quality of education and training that is being offered to all the students out there. SMART College also have a competency course for Safety and Health Officer (SHO – GREEN BOOK) which will position an individual as a DOSH GREEN BOOK certified SHO.

Hopefully with this award and recognition, all SMART College team could keep on striving to be better and to be the best private college in Malaysia. Let’s be part of us in SMART College! Be different and let’s make it work together!

Accredited to Train OSH 22 days program

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