International Center for Security Management

ICSM Outstanding Learner Award

The International Center for Security Management is a Center of Excellence in the field of Safety and Security. It is renowned for organising the World Security Forum, exhibitions, corporate and benchmarked trainings, and organising accreditations in the industry.  It is working with various educational institutions to enhance the quality and the standard of professionalism and education within the industry. 

Some of the company’s programs are approved by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Malaysia (KDN).

The ICSM Award, is an external prestigious academic and non-academic achievement-based award presented annually during the college’s convocation for top student within the faculty or to celebrate the dedication of students that typically have made outstanding achievements to the college during the year. 

The students have been presented with the ICSM Award for the following reasons:

  • Outstanding academic achievement 
  • Sustained and dedication to achieve a high level of contribution to the wider life of the college 
  • Significant contributions to the College Activities or CSR Activities 
  • An act of bravery in the college 

About the Student Achievement Award

The ICSM Award gives the college the opportunity to recognize students outstanding achievements on a big scale. Each year the College departments may nominate students based on their key indicators of achievement. 

The award looks to recognize these outstanding student’s individual academic achievements or contributions to an aspect of school or community life. 

How do students receive their award?

A staff member from the department can nominate students to the committee in October. The committee members will consist of the department heads and representatives of International Center Security Management to review the nominees for the award. 

Previous Student Achievement Awards

2018 ICSM Award Achievers

2019 ICSM Award Achievers