Orientation Week

Orientation is a 5 days’ program that introduces SMART College to newly enrolled students. These students will participate in many fun activities throughout these 5 day. They will be introduced to the courses offered, student lifestyle on campus, the various clubs & societies, college’s hostel, fees, and many other important information’s new students will need to have to get started. 

The Orientation program also helps to build new relationships between the students and their classmates, and between juniors and seniors.

The objective of this orientation week is including: 

  • Providing a welcoming atmosphere for new students to get used to facilities, staff, college lifestyle and others. 
  • Provide students with the information about the academics such as courses offered, fees, and other related information.
  • Familiarize the students with the campus environment.
  • Build strong relationships between students and their classmates, & seniors and juniors of SMART College. 

Apart from having a better understanding of their new college life, students will be exposed to the various faculties at the campus and learn to build their abilities and potential. All of these activities will be organized by the Student Affairs Department with the help of the Student Council Body (MPP). 

The most interesting part of the orientation is the ‘Freshie Night” in which students will showcase their talents through a ‘Music’ theme where the students have to perform – singing, dancing, and acting at the same time.

The orientation is an important part of welcoming new students to the campus, and getting them adjusted to the college, its lifestyle, facilities, dedicated staff and sporting seniors. We hope that all new students experience a memorable ‘Freshie Night” which you will take with wonderful memories which you will cherish forever.