Academic engagement is considered to be a hallmark of an optimal studying experience and a key to academic success for all college students. At SMART College, we want to make sure you succeed in your studies and fulfil your academic requirements to ensure you are on track to complete your course within the required time. In academic learning, students’ engagement is important as it builds better relationships with other students, staff, and faculty.

Students need to be able to connect academic learning explicitly with the areas of knowledge, skills and approaches needed both for professional work and for lifelong learning.

Academic learning is about the engagement of students and their observable behaviours such as;

  1. Class attendance
  2. Listening attentively to the lecture
  3. Participating in discussions
  4. Turning in assignments on time
  5. Actively participating in all activities 

However, during your journey, situations might arise that get on top of you and in turn, affect your studies. Should you find yourself requiring support and/or advice, you can always reach out to SMART Student Advisory or Counsellor or your respective Course Management Offices. The thing that you should remember, SMART College is always there for you in any situation.