• Introduction
    The programme intent to improve English skills among secondary Pandan area and to engage with the surrounding community. The programme incorporates learning communication through theatre production. The students will stage the play at the end of the programme.
  • Objective
    This programme aims to increase the language proficiency of higher secondary school students.
  • Programme Structure
    The 12-weeks enhancement programme will commence on 29th December 2021.
    Listed below are some of the activities that students will participate in:
    › Playwright
    › Production discussion
    › Rehearsals with props and costume
    › Theatre performance
  • Learning Medium
    Listening, speaking, reading, and writing are the four key language skills addressed in the programme. It will be based on materials given by the institution, which will include a play script and integrated exercises to help students learn specific skills linked to the play.
  • Past Project
    SMART College have successful staged numerous physical and online productions, some includes:

Beauty and The Beast

Romeo and Juliet

School of Rock