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Conquer the Stage! : Public Speaking

Nowadays, communication skills ranked top amongst the most required skills in working professional world. Public speaking serves functions such as to inform and relay information to the audience, as well as to persuade the audience as well as encouraging them to take actions along the line of the persuasion. These goals are common when it comes to workplace environment, especially those who are related to work that requires a lot of communications either with co-workers or clients and customers.

To deliver a good public speaking, it is not just standing in front of a crowd and simply talk. It requires preparations as well as ways to improve it to make sure the execution is effective towards the audiences. Here are some tips to make your public speaking smoother and pops out!

Attention Grabber

An attention grabber is something interesting to start your speech with, in order to get the audience’s attention and get them hooked up to the topic. It can range from fun facts, shocking statistics, quotes or even stories or personal stories, to relate the speech to the audiences and to get them to start paying attention to the speech.

Draft Your Speech

It is important to know what you are talking about. So make sure the topic is thoroughly studied on first and then construct your speech by creating a draft with an outline. It is more effective to have your speech into three sections, grabber, body and conclusion. This way the speech will be more articulate and the delivery would be more effective on the audiences.


Always rehearse your speech, either by yourself in front a mirror or in front of friends to act as the audiences. It is especially important in regards to the intonations of the speech as well as the pauses and timing of the sections of delivering the speech. Having appropriate filer words in between points is also important as it will ensure a smooth delivery of the speech.

Know Your Surrounding

Your surrounding while delivering the speech includes the audience as well as the set up and stage. So it is important to look into the basic background of the audience to see what kind of expertise they might have knowledge on as well as try talking around before the speech to get o know people as your speech will be more interactive when you know the audience. In term of the set ups, make sure that everything is in place especially if visual aids are being used as well as other equipment like the mic and speakers.

Relax and Be Confident

Lastly of course, is to relax and be confident. Your speech would deliver well as much as how well you radiate your confidence when you are delivering it. Relax before the talk and as soon you start it, establish the start and build up the momentum and go on with it. Be confident while relaying the points and the body of your speech and it will sound even more convincing to the audiences.

These as some of the tips you can apply while preparing and delivering a speech, to ramp up your public speaking skill and conquering the stage!

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