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A healthy outside starts from the inside!

Wellness is an ongoing process of becoming conscious of a safe and satisfying life and making decisions about it. Wellness is more than just sickness-free, it is a complex cycle of change and development.

It is completely important to achieve an optimum degree of health to lead a higher quality life. Wellbeing counts.

Wellness matters as everything we do is linked to our health, and every emotion we experience. In effect, our health influences our actions and emotions directly.

This is a continuous circle. It is therefore important for everyone to achieve optimal wellbeing so that stress can be reduced.

 For those SMART College students who faced any problems or stress, they can always come and see our Counsellor, Miss Puteri.


All they have to do is reach out for the assistance from our counsellor and from there a further action will be taken as an effort to solve the issue.


Due to the current situation of MCO, the counselling department had try their best to keep in touch and engaged with the students through the virtual platform.

Miss Puteri usually would do a ‘live session’ at SMART College Official Instagram account for counselling session and for student engagement as well.          

Online Counselling Session for SMART College student

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