How Technology is changing the face of Human Resource

New technological advancements have undoubtedly changed every aspect of our lives. It’s not surprising that it has made a huge impact on human resource (HR) management as well.

HR professionals now view their roles not just as administrators but strategic enablers for important decisions related to organizational growth and development. Technological progress is transforming the ways in which human resources are organized and managed.

What does this mean for HR professionals?

Technology has definitely altered the way HR functions by enabling them to play a more proactive role as compared to reactive ones from the earlier days.

Technologies like blockchain, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), bots, neural nets, artificial intelligence (AI) along with Cloud and analytics are opening new panoramas and endless possibilities for HR professionals.

In other words, technology has fuelled HR professionals with superhuman powers to revamp the way the corporate world functions.

Emerging technologies – the disruptors

According to a 2019 new tech trends study by Deloitte, emerging technologies have taken the mantle of “disruptor” and will be the macro forces in the future. The study also revealed that cognitive technologies will emerge as an essential strategic driver that will help make sense of ever-growing data.

As per the study, cognitive technologies will be able to handle both the volume and complexity of data deluge, while the digital reality will facilitate engagement by redefining human interaction with data, technology and with each other as well.

So while all these technologies have been disrupting the world of HR, there is a new management fad that has been going around in the corporate world and it is called gamification.

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