CSR Project by SMART College


Transforming communities through technology, our CSR project focuses on bridging digital gaps. Empowering them with digital presence drives awareness and support. Join us as we revolutionize technology impact, one click at a time.

Program Goals

  • To provide a place for people and businesses to safely and charitably dispose their used computer equipment and electronic assets.
  • To refurbish used computers and donate them back to the community.
  • To train youths in the community with basic computer, troubleshooting and programming skills.

Why we need this program

  • Students will have a higher chance of finding a better career if they are computer literate.
  • To raise awareness of the importance digital and computer literacy in the community.
  • To train youths to be computer savvy.

Chrome OS Upgrade Process

Donate old PC to college

Repair and maintenance

Integrated to Chrome OS

CSR Program

Computer CSR Project

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