You are currently viewing Post-SPM: Ready for Take Off!

Post-SPM: Ready for Take Off!

Post-SPM: Ready for Take Off!

At the pinnacle of a secondary school student’s life is of course completing their Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) and officially done with being school students. Then comes the question,

“What do we do now?”

The question can completely throw off the ‘freedom at last’ moments but remember good preparation is key to have a smooth transition to your higher education life!

So fret not, buckle up your seatbelt and follow these flow on what to do to make your post-SPM journey a smooth ride.

What course to study?

Before pursuing your tertiary education after SPM, of course what comes first is the decision on what course you are going to take. It can be such a baffling decision to make, especially if you have few factors to consider, such as interests, your SPM results, the length of the studies, job prospects, etc. Therefore, it is best to have a talk to your counsellor or consult those who are currently taking the courses you are interested in. Their insight can be a great help in assisting you in making a decision!

Which institute?

Researching which educational institute to be enrolled in is important as it will be the where you will be spending a chunk of your life at! Of course first of all check up all the courses offered by the institute and see if anything matches your interest, but it is also key to check out the facilities, how the management is and to check out the alumnus experiences. This can help in choosing only the best out of the best for your regardless it is IPTA or IPTS.

Scholarships and funding

The period between ending SPM and enrollment is when it is ideal for you to look deeper into scholarships that can really help you in funding your studies, especially if you scored with flying colors with your SPM. Not only the scholarship will be well deserved, it will also be good for you to be financially independent from your family for your studies (unless your education fund is already set up by your parents, kudos to that!). For those who wishes to not burden their parents as much for your studies, then you shall get to hunting for the scholarships!

Improve skills

It is very advantageous for SPM leavers to have set of skills, as something further elevate your application to tertiary education institutions.  Skills such as public speaking, English and IT is important to keep up with the growing world and especially when trying to reach international level institutions. Thus, these gap between actual applications after SPM should be focused on improving these skills! Take up classes on English, to strengthen your writing and speaking skills especially to be more presentable for your future endeavors. Having at least basic in IT and further elevating them will also be extremely useful, especially nowadays with all of the technological advancement.

Making good use of these tips to apply while preparing yourself for your tertiary education would be essential to ensure a smooth transition for the next chapter of your life, thus end your SPM with a bang and start your campus life with a boom!

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