Registrar’s Office

Academic Transcript & Scroll Collection

  • For graduate students that wish to collect their official transcript, kindly email your query to Upon confirmation, the proceeds will take 5 working days upon receiving the confirmation email for certificates to be ready for collection.
  • Please settle outstanding fees. For any further information on this, kindly email

Education Partner Universities

The college has collaboration for degree transfer to our education partners

  • James Cook University, Australia
  • Queensland University of Technology
  • University Pertahanan Nasional

For any queries, please email or come to the campus to meet our student affairs department for further information.

Credit Transfer to other Universities

For students that wish to transfer credit to other Universities, kindly email your interest to To be eligible for credit transfer, a student will be required to have: 

  • Completed the diploma program at SMART College.
  • Enrolled at the University and have received and official Offer Letter of enrollment.


Students will be requried to attach the following into the email:

Offer letter from the University.

Information of the program name and year of enrollment at the University interested.

Information of SMART College program, batch and year of enrollment requested.

Proof of any outstanding fee payment at SMART College.

All processing for any mapping and credit transfer will take 10 working days. For any urgent queries, students may contact 016-2059443