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What is sports?

The five S’s of sports training are: stamina, speed, strength, skill, and spirit; but the greatest of these is spirit.”– Ken Doherty

Sports may be understood as a competitive physical activity or games. It can either be in a casual or organized participation of individual. The participation need to seek, at least in part, to use or develop physical ability and skills while involving in sports. Sports basically can offer a lot of enjoyment and entertainment.

Why sports are important in a student’s life?

Sports is a very important part for each of the student growth and development. By joining the sports, the student will be able to;

  • improves physical and mental health
  • Build self-confidence
  • Be more discipline
  • Gain more soft and technical skills

SMART Sports

After attending classes all day, students will definitely feel tired and sometimes might feel a bit of stress. So, it is important for the student to relax and loosen up after those long day of classes. Sports may help the student to release their stress and to boost their energy to start a new day tomorrow.

Here in SMART College, the student is impressively active in Sports. The student usually would play futsal or handball together after they finished their classes on that day.

As for now, the student actively involved in the ZUMBA session every Monday and Thursday evening. This is one of the way that the student can get involved in SPORT and be sweating during Covid-19.



SMART Zumba Competition 2020

Due to overwhelming participation of the student towards Zumba activities, Student Affairs Department of SMART College had conducted the SMART Zumba Competition 2020. The participation from the student is beyond the expectation. The winner for this competition will be announced at the end of August 2020. So, to all the students out there! Come and join the SMART Zumba Competition!

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