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Concept of Talks

The aim of the talk is to discuss features that are currently in the game, the functions, the positive and negative opinions, the future expectation or any innovative exchange of information about specific topics.


In order to prepare the student for working life, learning in classroom itself is not enough.

The student need to be exposed with other skills and knowledge.

In SMART College, we are trying our best to prepare our student to be knowledgeable, skilful and well prepared to enter the working life world.

Every month, every faculty in this college will take turn to conduct and organize a talks for our student.

By having this initiative, the student can gain extra information and get exposed on how the real situation of working life.

For each talk that is being held, usually the event organizer will invite the external speaker.

The reason why the external speaker is being invited is because the college want their student to get a fresh output from the industries itself. 

Among the forums that the college had held;

  • Investigation talks
  • Safety talks
  • Career Talks
  • Digital Marketing IR 4.0
  • Sexual Grooming Forum

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