• Introduction
    SMART-Community Emergency Response Team (SMART-CERT) Program is a program that helps schools to establish safety & health committee and trains school student on basic emergency response skills. Once trained and certified a SMART-CERT member will act as first responder in the event of an emergency providing initial support before professional emergency responders arrive. This project offers an opportunity to create mind-set change for the teachers in school and to engage them in managing emergencies by setting Safety & Health Committee at school.

    The SMART-CERT Program 2019 operations began in May 2019, when SMART College worked with 10 schools in Kuala Lumpur. As part of this program, 140 secondary school students were selected, trained and certified as SMART-CERT members to be able to set-up SMART CERT or emergency response teams at school to handle emergency situations.
  • Objective
    To collaborate with at least 10 secondary schools
    › To establish Safety & Health Committee & Safety & Health Policy at every school
    › To train and certify students with a focus on upper secondary school students
    › To engage with national emergency response agencies through direct participation in activities
  • Modules
    The modules designed to SMART-CERT participants are based on basic emergency response skills which are:


Fire Safety

Safety Regulation

First Aid/Health

Disaster preparedness & response

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