SMART Pre-College Program

Choose your own career with SMART Pre-College Program

SMART Pre-College Program is an immersive, interactive and mind opening experience. Alongside peers from around Malaysia, you’ll gain invaluable educational experience studying on various topics and modules and ultimately get a preview of the type of dream career program which you are interested in pursuing.

This 8 weeks program will be an introduction to college life as you attend challenging classes, live on campus and enjoy fun excursions and activities. Come take the challenge with us!


Focusing on the importance of IT Literacy and strengthening students’ basic IT skills with effective modules, in preparing them to step into the tertiary education life in the advancing world of IT and Internet. 

English Skill

Enhancing and elevating the students’ English proficiency especially in building up a strong base of the language before going into university life and future workforce and especially in the age of English being the universal language of the world. 

Design Thinking

We are taking the students outside the box with their thinking and worldview of all matters. Inducing and instilling the creative and critical thinking skills for them as well as the ability to make use of resources and being efficient. 

SMART Pre-College

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