SMART College Students Experience Learning

The SMART Campus Experience

SMART College city campus provides studenst with many opportunities for self development, growth as a student to developm skillsets for their career through a strong support base of counsellors and support staff that will assist our students with their needs.

The college is conveniently located next to facilities such as Football/ Futsal Fields, Sports Complex, Badminton Halls, Private/Government Clinics, Eateries, and is 15 mins from attractions such as TRX, MyTown, IKEA, Berjaya Time Square, Sunway Velocity and KLCC.

Student Affairs and
Support Team

Meet our Student Affairs, Counsellors and Support Team who will be there with you through your study journey

SMART College
Student Council

Our Student Council is a student run-organization that handles many college activities, events and support of their peers. They learn many skill sets such as leadership, communication, problem solving, event management helping turn them into future leaders of tomorrow

SMART College
Counselor Activities

Enhance your college counseling services with SMART activities! From tailored study plans to goal-setting workshops, our counselors utilize Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound strategies. Empower students to excel academically and personally as they navigate the path to higher education. Elevate your counseling program with SMART techniques today!

SMART College
Clubs and Societies

The college has numerous clubs to allow students to express themselves

  • Football/ Futsal Club
  • E-Games Club
  • Bravo Arts (Dance and Choir)
  • Language Club
  • Sports Club
  • Volunteering Club
  • Law Enforcement Club

SMART College
Sports Activites

Our active sports environment provides students with opportunities to showcase their talents in various sports from Futsal, Football, Volleyball, Running, Sepak Takrow, Handball, Chess and others

SMART College
Culture Activities

Malaysia’s rich diversity, encompassing various races and cultures, is celebrated through a plethora of cultural events. These events play a pivotal role in fostering intercultural understanding among students. Embracing diversity through cultural engagements enhances societal cohesion and promotes a more inclusive educational environment.

SMART College
Students Convocation

Students Convocation is a formal ceremony during which diplomas are conferred upon students, signifying their fulfillment of the academic prerequisites within their respective programs of study. This pivotal event underscores academic achievement and marks a significant milestone in the educational journey.

Student Activities

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