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Orientation Week

Why college orientation is important?

Orientation week aims to guide students so that they can get through college life which is a whole new experience and phase after finishing Sekolah Menengah & SPM. The orientation week is a great platform for students to adjust to this new phase in your life, while also fostering a new bond and relationship with your college, student affairs, and the academic team through engaging and participating in the many activities organised in your campus.  Be brave, don’t be shy and have lots of fun!



What will you do at orientation?

One of the important missions of orientation week is to get acquainted with college life.  New students will learn about college policies, general rules, codes of conduct and student lifestyle. But wait! Not only that, most importantly students will also get to know and meet new friends, new circles, experiences and be part of a new environment which would have a lasting impact on your life.



SMART Orientation Week

To get to your destiny, you need to start the JOURNEY. The SMART student’s Journey all starts with the orientation week. To all our new students we welcome you to the campus and look forward to developing you for a successful career.

On your way to grab all the success, you will have to understand the courses, systems and services that will be supporting you throughout the journey. Student Affairs Department with the assistance of SMART Student council are the one who are going to carry out all programs and activities during orientation week. Students are going to be full equipt with the all the needed information during this one whole exciting week. 

Activities during SMART Orientation Week

SMART orientation is designed to create a new experience and journey for our students. You will be exploring the various faculties at the campus, as well as the functions of the departments at SMART College. Some of the activities run during orientation are:

  • Ice breaking – an interactive session where the students will get to know each other.
  • Academic briefing – introductory session of each faculty offered at SMART College.
  • Physical training – GET FIT EVERYONE! Our new students will experience the physical training trained by our Student Affair officer daily.
  • Freshie Night – The finale of the week. The students will finally get a chance to embrace themselves and show their hidden talent. One might not know they can actually dance and sing after all!

The New Normal of SMART Orientation Week

The COVID-19 pandemic in Malaysia had significantly given an impact towards the daily activities of many people and how we run things at the campus. With the new norms, SMART College will do its best to fulfill the guideline stated by the Government. During the orientation, all students and staffs involved would need to follow the guidelines below:

  • Practice social distancing at all time
  • Apply hand sanitizer every time enter the classroom
  • Wear mask if you do not feel well
  • Fill up attendance form twice a day (during arrival and after lunch)

Now, this is might the new norm practice for us and everyone is adapting, but we will ensure our students will have one of the best memories that the student could remember throughout the start of your studies.

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