Customer Experience Will Determine the Success of Your Company

It’s no secret that successful companies are the ones with satisfied customers. But while many executives claim to understand the importance of customer experience (CX), it often falls by the wayside as resources are channeled into product development. Yet as we wrestle with a global recession, how you interact with your customers is more vital […]

Elevate your Marketing Strategies through Big Data

Introducing Insightzclub, The First Provider of Behavioral and Passive Data To Help Brands Worldwide Achieve Optimum Results. Kuala Lumpur, 2 March 2021 – In an era where information is vast, abundant and easily obtained by anyone it is important to rely on data-backed facts and figures when it comes to making important business decisions. Big data […]

Components of Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing goes far beyond SMS and mobile applications. To gain cohesive marketing experience, you must fully consider responsive design. Mobile dedicated website. Content suitable for mobile devices can be displayed on the screen without scrolling or zooming left and right, it can be loaded quickly, and there are no errors for mobile devices. The most […]

How Technology is changing the face of Human Resource

New technological advancements have undoubtedly changed every aspect of our lives. It’s not surprising that it has made a huge impact on human resource (HR) management as well. HR professionals now view their roles not just as administrators but strategic enablers for important decisions related to organizational growth and development. Technological progress is transforming the […]